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Deskunking Pets: Ark Animal Answers Critter Cast with Diana L Guerrero

Join animal behaviorist & author Diana L. Guerrero for an audio safari into the animal kingdom. In this episode of Ark Animal Answers animal behaviorist Diana L Guerrero discusses deskunking your pet.

Ark Animal Answers Critter Cast with Diana L Guerrero: Deskunking Pets

Pet Food Recall: The Aftermath & Jeff Corwin Behind the Scenes

In the wake of all the pet deaths (most not being reported by the media)–people are beginning to move back into speciality stores and to smaller companies that manufacturer their food in the United States.

I’ve long suspected that we are going to move back to smaller more intimate businesses who can provide personal service and better quality foods backed by customer service and educated staff. Many pet stores are pulling products from the shelf even if they are not the lot numbers being recalled.

As a general practice I recommend premium foods–locally the stories are tragic and it will be hard to gather accurate numbers as to just how many pet families have been impacted.

In other news, you often don’t see what happens behind the scenes as shown in this clip of Jeff Corwin with Anderson Cooper in Cambodia…