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So now the Irwin slide has occurred. Spoof videos have sprung up and created an outcry from fans. In the meantime, lots is going on in the animal world.

I found this interesting post urging people to put public pressure on Paris Hilton over her irresponsible ownership of “Baby Luv.”

If you have not seen an inconvenient truth…I recommend it. People really need to take notice.

Stellar Sea Lions may be one animal affected by changes.

In the pet world, people should play more with their pets. It has health benefits for all involved. November is pet diabetes month.

It will be interesting to see if San Jose gets this pet law passsed. Again, I really think pet parenthood instruction should be implemented in schools and that pet adoption should implement integration courses.


Word is spreading about the search for new talent now that Steve Irwin has been laid to rest. Never mind that he only just was buried, it is a hot topic in the media. Back in the late 1990’s there wasn’t great interest in female hosts but now there will be at least one is scheduled to premiere in the spring. You can check out “Ms. Adventure” Rachel Reenstra here.

There are a multitude of opinions about Irwin, the savvy and sensitive have kept their mouths shut but now the underlying truth underlying the popularity is beginning to be touched upon.

People seem to be startled that Irwin died by an animal attack from a “non-aggressive” animal. The fact remains that anything with a barb, spine, teeth, claws, or other defensive weapons is potentially dangerous. The underlying issue is the dismissal of risks involved with working with any animal.

All the attacks I have witnessed have been the fault of humans, Jack Hanna recently made a comment about 99% as being the fault of humans, so I think we are in alignment. There are many reasons animals will react defensively or aggressively. Ultimately, until we respect animals and teach people how to properly understand and interact (or not attempt to interact as proper animal etiquette dictates) we will still see dog bites, cat scratches, and more daunting interludes with urban wildlife. Injuries from deer, bears, squirrel bites, and other such repercussions of bad behavior toward wildlife show just how naive the masses are to the individuality of creatures and the need to treat them with respect and to use common sense around them.

Ultimately, I hope the loss of the television talent sparks a change away from the reality television to something that prompts people to try another path of entertainment and education. Here are a few more commentaries:

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How the Queensland Police determined what the stingray’s animal’s behavior was is a mystery to me but what makes me a bit uneasy is that the ownership of the film of Irwin’s demise may be disputed. That is the ultimate in bad behavior in my book. I hope it doesn’t hit the internet but it probably will. How insensitive will that be?

Filmed Death

Ownership of Film Footage

New Star Search

Profiting from Death

Believe it or not there is actually other animal news in the world. Check this beauties out:

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