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Animals in the News

This is a great little piece on pet proofing your home.

Here is a HOT new product for pet owners. The car window shade actually reveals the word, “hot” if the interior of the car is too much for the pet. Honestly, common sense says leave your pet at home where it is cool however some pet owners are taking things into public places.

Hmm, need the perfect gift for a pooch party? Check out this treat jar at Neiman Marcus!

Never mind worrying about the Avian flu the West Nile Virus has struck endangered species here in the USA.

Breaking News Segment Idea: Animal War Victims

Journalists interested in animals may want to take a look at these breaking news reports. Could make for some interesting commentary. The American Humane Association has helped animal war vicitims and veteran for ages. Also, there a bunch of war animal memorials and organizations out there.

Here is an interesting piece on animal rescue in Lebanon. In wartime there are always animal victims. Check out these additonal sites about BETA and the ethical treatment of animals in Beirut.

Other sites of interest:

War Dog Memorials:

War Horses