Archives for June 2006

Animal News for You!

I don’t have much time for comments but found some articles I thought you would find of interest:

Working dogs or service dogs are causing a stir. I’d put some people’s reactions into my “bad behavior” category.

People create problems for wildlife and this little sea lion pup suffered for it.

This Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle seems to be a lucky critter.

Too bad that this mountain lion was shot just because it was too close to humans. What is your opinion?

One of my editors declined my column about declawing cats. Take a look at what the Cat Fancier’s Association says about declawing cats.

Finally, this pitbull attack in a dog park caused the death of another dog. While a child was attacked elsewhere by another pitbull.

Navy Dolphins & Sea Lions

Although the program has always gotten flack, marine mammals have been used for military work since the 1960’s. Read about dolphins and sea lions who do work for the Navy.