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Another Reason You Should Include Animal Disaster Preparedness in Your Family Plans

Sadly, this article is reality. If you have not prepped to evacuate with your pets in the event of a disaster, do so ASAP. See other areas of this site for more information on this topic via the link to your right.

So when is militant and dogmatic behavior acceptable?

I just read an article regarding humane choices for meat eating. I eat meat and coming from a Hispanic background, I got to see the butchering process at a young age. It didn’t make me happy but at least I was made aware. Many people want this to be an idealized world–and it isn’t.

This topic isn’t a new issue and free range and humane farming is largely ignored. I wrote about the topic (circa 1998) stressing the reality of the situation and urging conscious choices.

Most citizens here in the United States are meat eaters. They will continue to eat meat. The meat industry is huge and has some heavy leverage (just ask Oprah) and the best way to hit someone to facilitate change is in the pocket book. So check this article out. In the meantime, get your local grocer and butcher to get going on buying humanely farmed products.

Humane Farming Association

Certified Humane

Sustainable Agriculture

National Sustainable Agriculture Research

US Davis Sustainable Agriculture Info

In the meantime, what makes people think it is okay to rant and rave about someone else’s choices? Make your own choices, set a good example. Use your brain and moola to facilitate change.