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Shark Bait: Dogs & Cats

When looking at the world events you stumble upon items that are disturbing. What most people fail to realize is that countries outside our own face intense poverty and other challenges that gives them a different view of life and of the world–and to take actions we probably would not consider. The Bushmeat issue is just one but check out this story about the use of dogs and cats as shark bait from National Geographic News and let me know your thoughts.

Hurricane Wilma Zoo Report

This just in:

Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Florida
No news.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Tampa, Florida
Busch Gardens did not have any damage from Hurricane
Wilma. They opened at 11:00 a.m. today.

Caribbean Gardens, The Zoo In Naples
Naples, Florida
Naples Zoo suffered significant damaged trees are down
everywhere and some structures are severely damaged. Some
muntjac and kangaroos are missing. As far as they can
tell, staff members are doing okay. David Tetzlaff and
Conrad Schmitt rode out the storm at the Zoo.

Central Florida Zoological Park
Lake Monroe, Florida
Central Florida Zoo was spared any hurricane damage as it
hit south of their location. They have offered their
assistance to facilities in that area but have not been
contacted as of 2:40 p.m.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Bay Lake, Florida
Disney is doing fine and has power. There was lots of rain
and some wind but they have not had problems of note.

The Florida Aquarium
Tampa, Florida
No news.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
Jacksonville, Florida
No news.

Lion Country Safari
Loxahatchee, Florida
Terry Wolf at the Lion Country Safari reported that the
storm was bad and that last years’ storms put together
didn’t compare to this one. They have many trees down and
shelters blown away but are unable to assess all the damage
until the winds die down. They will keep us posted.

Living Seas
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Living Seas is doing fine and has power. There was lots of
rain and some wind but they have not had problems of note.

Lowry Park Zoological Society of Tampa, Inc.
Tampa, Florida
Lowry Park is doing fine.

The Lubee Foundation, Inc.
Gainesville, Florida
The Lubee Foundation is doing fine and winds are
now at about 35 mph.

Miami Metrozoo
Miami, Florida
Eric Stephens called to say that grounds are pretty messy
and there are a number of bigger trees down. There appears
to be no loss of animal life. There is structural damage
to some of the buildings, fences down and there is no
power. They will be closed several days for clean up.

Mote Marine Aquarium
Sarasota, Florida
No news.

Palm Beach Zoo at Dreher Park
Palm Beach, Florida
They are in the assessment phase now, but early reports
indicate that their perimeter fence is a mess, they
sustained lots of tree and structural damage (a tree
through the vet hospital; the keeper area was blown out)
and they appear to have lost around a half-dozen exhibits
and about 20 holding cages.

Peace River Refugee
Arcadia, Florida
No news.

Santa Fe Community College Teaching Zoo
Gainesville, Florida
No news.

SeaWorld Orlando
Orlando, Florida
No news.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm
St. Augustine, Florida
There appears to be no animal losses. There is lots of
tree damage and the netting on the breeding pens is down.
There are also separations in the seams of the aviary

Steve Martin’s Natural Encounters
Arcadia, Florida
They are doing fine with no damage.

White Oak Conservation Center
Yulee, Florida
No news.

The Zoo
Gulf Breeze, Florida
No news.