Pet Parenting for All Generations

When it comes to pet parenting their isn’t any age discrimination but what has changed across generations is how pets live and how they are cared for.

It use to be that many animals lived lives away from the family and worked to protect, assist or guide their human family members.

Today more and more pets live within the home.

Many become “fur kids” or valuable members of the family.

But there are other areas that still have working animals or animals that are not pampered pets.

There are problems that arise from the extremes of either lifestyle.

Many people think they know how to manage, care, and train animals but this is not the case.

Recently, someone reported a person they knew was drowning puppies.

In days when humane alternatives exist and where birth control and altering is available to everyone, is there an excuse for such behavior?

How about an excuse for those who fail to license or confine their pets?

How animals are cared for reflects directly upon the society, economic background and education levels of the animal caretakers.

Animal care and management can start from a very young age and continue through the senior years.

One of the goals of the Pet Parenting School is to make sure that anyone can access pet education and coaching.

Hopefully access to the Pet Parenting School will help catalyze change and awareness so that the lives of animals can be better and so humane care and understanding replace archaic practices and inhumane treatment of those creatures we call companion animals.

Seriously, it is coming soon–so keep your eye out for additional information and be sure to join the email list so you don’t miss out!

Photo Credit: Crazy Barefoot Poet

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