Contest Promotes Capstar

If you run a boarding kennel, or board your dog in a kennel, you might find this announcement of interest:

In an effort to promote its Capstar flea control product to owners and operators of boarding kennels, Novartis Animal Health U.S. has launched, The Biggest Little Thing Contest.

From the contest website:
“As a boarding facility operator, you know there are a lot of little things you do that have a big impact on your business. Like taking a proactive approach to flea control by providing every dog and cat that visits your facility with a CAPSTAR® (nitenpyram) Tablet to ensure a flea-free stay.

CAPSTAR, in partnership with Pet Product News International, will publish the top 10 biggest little things boarding facilities around the country do to keep ahead of the competition. If your idea is published, your facility will be featured in Pet Product News International and you will win $200. To become eligible, please fill out the information…”

Deadline for tips is Oct. 31, 2009 and tips should be 50 words or less and can be submitted here.

Capstar is one of the products listed and discussed in Flea Control Secrets. The section on Capstar reveals that studies (on nitnpyram) reported  more than 90% effectiveness against adult fleas within four to six hours depending on the species.