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This just in…

Okay, we have gone a bit too far with technology. I am not certain this gadget is going to be a good one, but it is too early to tell. This just in from UK Pet.
Spooky Pet Care Idea From Singapore
You could soon be patting your dog or stroking your cat online now that researchers at the Interaction and Entertainment Research Centre of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, (
NTU), looking for ways to help people to communicate with pets and children, have learned to transmit the sense of touch over the Internet. The Straits Times has reported that students at the university have rigged up a system using a camera and a jacket that pets can wear when they are a left at home while the owner is at work. With this, the absent owner is able to monitor the pet’s activities over a computer link. If the owner sees that the pet is stressed or restless they are able to stroke and pat a touch sensitive model of the animal, and the touching, stroking sensation is replicated in the home, through the jacket on the pet’s back! The implication is that the long distance hugging and attention will help to soothe a stressed animal. Providing they don’t believe in ghosts.

Hilton’s Baby Luv is a Kinkajou

You might have heard about the recent news regarding Paris Hilton’s pet being confiscated. Exotic animal pets are not legal in many states unless you qualify for a permit.

News stories hitting the wires today mistake the kinkajou (Potos flavus) for a monkey–except for this one. The rainforest animal is actually a relative to the raccoon. The critters are mainly noctournal (active at night) and have a prehensile tail. Their nickname is the “honey bear” but they do NOT make good pets.

Read more about one of my kinkajou consultations in the ABC’S Column area on the website coming in December!