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Animal Attacks: Animal Expert Comments

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Animal attacks occur daily but it is the unusual ones that capture the interest of the public. Here animal expert Diana L. Guerrero comments on animal attacks of all types. You can now find the updates on the main index page (our blog) just click into the category that says, "animal attacks".

Ape escapes often include chimpanzee (chimp) attacks and gorilla attacks. Feline incidents include lion (mountain lion or cougar, African) attacks and tiger attacks. Captive wildlife, zoo animals or exotic or domestic pets also escape and attack. Visit the animal attack links here or get other animal attack comments in the breaking news area (offsite) specifically for journalists and producers.

Animal Expert Comments on Animal Attacks

Chimp Attack: Travis the Chimp (Sandra Herold) Stamford Connecticut (2009)
Travis the chimp was a pet owned by Sandra Herold, and a former animal actor. Charla Nash, had come over to assist wtih Travis the chimpanzee but instead was attacked. Multiple injuries were sustained by law enforcement, Herold, and Nash was critically injured in this private pet incident. [Chimp Attack Read More]

Python Attack: Las Vegas Tiger Reticulated Python Attacks Toddler (2009)
An 18 foot Reticulated Python attacks a 3-year-old toddler. Child survives and snake is killed while parents are prosecuted for child endangerment and other related issues. [Python Attack Read More]

Tiger Attack: San Francisco Zoo Siberian Tiger Attack (2007)
Tatiana, the Siberian Tiger who had previously attacked a keeper in 2006 (see below) jumped out of her enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo to attack two visitors who were allegedly taunting her. [Tiger Attack Read More]

Tiger Attack: San Antonio Zoo Sumatran Tiger Attack (2007)
San Antonio Zoo's keeper Jeff Tierney was attacked by a Sumatran tiger named Berani in July of 2007. The attack was attributed to the keeper's carelessness. Captive animal attacks are not unusual and most can be attributed to human error [Tiger Attack Read More]

Denver Zoo Jaguar Attack (2007)
Denver Zoo's Ashlee Pfaff and Jorge the jaguar both tragically died in February of 2007...two victims in one day. The deaths should be used to highlight the plight of the jaguar and the hazards of close encounters with wildlife of all types. [Jaguar Attack Read More]

Humboldt County Mountain Lion Attack (2007)
Game wardens shot and killed a pair of mountain lions after a 70-year-old man was mauled during a hike in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on January 24, 2007. Jim Hamm of Fortuna (Humboldt County), was hiking with his wife in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on the North Coast of California when he was attacked by a single lion. [Mountain Lion (Cougar) Attacks Read More]

Tiger Attack: Captive Zoo Tiger Attack
In December of 2006 a captive zoo tiger, Tatiana grabbed the arm of zoo keeper Lori Komejan and began knawing on the human's hand and arm. Witnesses were traumatized and a zoo official irresponsibly suggested the "tiger might have been playing." (2006) [Zoo Tiger Attacks Read More]

Orca Attack: Captive Killer Whale Attack
In November of 2006 a captive killer whale kept a trainer submerged during a training session. The orca apparently grabbed the foot of the man and kept him under. Although you don't hear too much about captive orca attacks, they do occur. [Killer Whale Attacks Read More]

Elephant Attacks on the Rise
Elephant attacks on are the rise in Africa and India. Each year elephant trainers or handlers are seriously injured or killed by these giants. What is going on? (2006) [Elephant Attacks Read More]

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Killed by Sting Ray
Anything with hooves, claws, teeth, beaks, bards, horns or antlers can pose a threat. A point brought home when Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin met his untimely demise after being barbed by a large stingray. Has the media given up safety for ratings? (2006) [Croc Hunter Killed Read More]

Crocodile Hunter's Demise & Other Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin News
Widow Terri Irwin appeared on several interviews and Discovery Kids announced that Bindi Irwin would establish a legacy after her father. Insensitivity or just plan business as usual? (2006) [Irwin News...Terri, Bindi, Bob Irwin News Read More]

Chimpanzee (chimps) Escape and Attack at Animal Haven in California
On March 3, 2005 the Animal Haven Ranch in Caliente, California was the scene of a chimpanzee escape of not one, but four chimps. The apes escaped and attacked two people. St. James and La Donna Davis were visiting their former pet chimpanzee, Moe when the other apes escaped. [Chimp Attack Read More]

Beastly Behavior at the Gorilla Foundation
Near San Francisco, the city know for it's liberal views and alternative lifestyles, a lawsuit has been filed. The wrongful termination suit brought by two former female employees of the Gorilla Foundation has also raised controversy. Both females allege that they were asked to bare their breasts to Koko the gorilla--who is claimed to have a nipple fetish. (2005) [Gorilla Beastly Behavior Read More]

Mountain Lions and Urban Cougars
Learn what adverse influences on animals may contribute to negative encounters with wild animals, find tips for hikers and bikers, or find out the historical and current status of cougars. (2004) [Urban Cougars Read More]

Historical Summary of Cougar Attacks (Current to 2004) [Cougar Attack Summary Read More]

Cougar Attack Prevention Tips & Comments [Cougar Attack Prevention Tips Read More]

Gorilla Attack at the Dallas Zoo
"Code One: Dangerous animal escape" is not something you want to hear on the radio if you are a zoo employee, but that is exactly what happened on March 18, 2004 at the Dallas Zoo when a male gorilla escaped--injuring several people onsite before he was shot down by local law enforcement. (2004) [Zoo Gorilla Attack Read More]

Tiger Attack by Montecore on Roy Horn
Despite the best efforts to justify any actions, wild animals act as wild animals. Any animal professional knows that he or she works in an industry that carries an inherent danger of injury or attack. (2004) [Roy Horn Montecore Attack Read More]

Steve Irwin & Baby Bob Irwin
Public outcry erupted when "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin held baby Bob Irwin in his arms during an exhibition in a crocodile enclosure. His antics sparked a change in regulations. (2004) [Steve Irwin, Bob Irwin & Murray the Crocodile Read More]

Lincoln Park Zoo Lion Attack (Chicago)
On September 9, 2004 a lion mauled a keeper at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Accidents and incidents happen regularly at zoos around the world. Find five inside tips for attack prevention and survival. (2004) " [Zoo Lion Attack Read More]

Domestic Dog Attacks and Companion Animal Attacks
In the United States 4.7 million reported dog bites occur annually. Many more incidents are not reported. What underlies this problem? Find out. [Domestic Dog Attacks Read More]

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