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Crocodile Hunter's Demise
& Other Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin News

Steve Irwin's tragic death stunned the television viewing world you can read more about Steve Irwin's the unusual death by stingray barb here. While the aftermath of his loss remains fresh the Irwin family continues to be in the media.

Unfortunately, cameras and microphones are often thrust in the faces of those who have just suffered a tragedy. Why do we need to see everything and abandon sensitivity to privacy just to get a story?

I found disturbing that Bindi Irwin seemed unemotional when presenting her tribute to her father Steve Irwin--maybe she was in shock? Am I the only one that thinks this is odd? It took a while but with the G'Day USA tour people are beginning to wonder about Bindi's welfare.

When the media sought to get Terri Irwin to appear on television (view the video) to talk about the loss of her husband and children's father, I thought that was the ultimate in bad taste. Maybe it is cathartic for Terri Irwin...I hope so. I can't imagine how that would soon after your husband has died. Reports are that the appearances were lucrative--I certainly hope so. Trauma pay should be very lucrative.

Bindi Irwin will host a new series on Discovery Kids,"Bindi, the Jungle Girl." Bindi is going to have a long run as a celebrity since she is so young...a trend that has appeared in not only television, but the music industry as well.

Fortunately, good judgment caused Bindi the Jungle Girl series to be delayed. The Discovery Kids series delay calmed concerns over a "media frenzy" and the health and well being of Bindi.

The death of Steve Irwin is sad. Back in the late 1990’s there wasn't’t great interest in female animal show hosts and selected hosts tended to have reptile handling backgrounds.That trend seems to be changing. Last year a female producer hosted an Animal Planet show that raised money for a variety of animal related causes. Now another series is scheduled to premiere in the spring. You can check out "Ms. Adventure" Rachel Reenstra here. I personally would rather see an animal person instead of a comedian but at least change is in the air.

John Stainton said he will be taking time off too but I am sure we will hear more about the Irwins and Stainton in the future. Below you will find some books and dvd's of interest to Irwin fans.


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