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Dog Attacks: Animal Expert Comments

Animal attacks occur daily but it is the unusual ones that capture the interest of the public. Here animal expert Diana L. Guerrero comments on the problem of dog attacks and other animal companion attacks.

Pit Bull incidents occur regularly but so do a number of other attacks by canines. Certain breeds such as wolf-dogs and other animals get most of the press--but the problem encompasses many more breeds and many more people than is reported.

Just what animal is responsible for the most human deaths? Find out in this section via the link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Animal Expert Comments on Dog Attacks

Pit bull and other dog attacks frequently occur around the nation because people let their animals run "free." It is a big problem that requires neighborhoods and local communities to push for enforcement. The Ark Animal Answers Blog once listed these attacks but found the incidents of pitbull and other dog attacks were too numerous to maintain accurately.

Despite the risk, some breeders insist on crossbreeding animals to obtain a fashionable animal. Among those needing complicated care and sophisticated handling are the wolf-dogs. Once known simple as wolf-hybrids, these animals do not make good pets. Check out the extensive wolf-dog ownership and wolf-dog breeding commentary and documentation gathered by Diana L Guerrero in this popular and extensive wolf-dog series.

These facts and resources may be useful:

  • 4.7 million dog bites are reported annually.
  • Neutered dogs are less aggressive.
  • Pet aggression often can be extinguished in puppyhood, but many owners fail address it, dismissing it as "normal puppy behavior" --an innacurrate and potentially dangerous viewpoint.
  • Responsible pet ownership starts young. Early pet parenthood training is essential.
  • Each community has laws regulating pets and pet care. Support your animal services.

Attorney Statistics on Dog Bites
Bureau of Labor Animal Attack Statistics

Can you comment on the pit bull attacts in California?

The pit bull attacks in Orange County on February 24, 2004 were tragic, but could have been prevented by enforcement of leash laws and the teaching of responsible pet ownership.

There are laws in every state and community related to pets, their care, and management. One of the more important is the leash law--a law that dictates that a dog be managed by the owner while it is out in public. Unfortunately, there are irresponsible pet owners who let their animals roam unattended on a regular basis.


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