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Diana L Guerrero & Team Members
Build Animal Planet Rescue Rig

Palmdale, CA
Watch out for the Animal Rescue Rig. This special animal disaster rescue rig is something you won't want to miss. If it doesn't come through your town, keep your eye out on the Animal Planet Network for a brief glimpse of it. The American Humane Association (AHA) and Animal Planet project houses a six crew team of animal disaster rescue team members and everything they need when they go into assist our animal buddies in any type of disaster.

The diesel tractor and trailer was outfitted by a unique crew from a small warehouse in Palmdale, California in April of 1998. Animal behaviorist and author, Diana L. Guerrero, was one of the crew members. The rig was empty when she got there, but within a few weeks the semi was ready to go. In addition to the fabulous graphic design work on the outside the rig has a lot of other neat features.

From the outside you will be amazed by the graphics job by Bill Buttaggi, Peter Maye and the team at Discovery. There are lots of our favorite critters that look like they are running around that rig! The blue truck has a bunch of our buddies including dogs, a horse, a cat, a tiger, cow, bird, and you can bet that they are bigger than life!

On the inside you will find a complete dorm for six, a full kitchen, a bathroom and shower, a veterinary clinic, a garage for the boats, and another for the Nissan rescue ambulance and swiftwater rescue equipment. If that wasn't enough, there is also a multiple purpose room, swift water rescue equipment, animal capture equipment, an area for the AHA incident command office, and a whole lot more!

The team members working on the project included Nick Gilman, Ben Drotar, Doug Trowbridge, and Diana Guerrero. Special thanks went out to Animal Care & Equipment, and to local contractors and cleaning crews for their help. Be sure to keep your eyes open since the rig is traveling throughout the United States!

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