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Animal & Pet Articles (Offsite)

Welcome to Diana Guerrero's Ark Animals Training & Therapy. This section is dedicated to pets, companion animals, and topics related to their care and training. Pet training, behavior modification, and animal therapy are important steps toward better behavior. These articles are offsite, just close the new window that opens up to return to this index. You should always seek professional help for pet problems.

Pet Care & Pet Training Articles

This page contains links to articles written by animal behaviorist and pet therapist, Diana L. Guerrero. The links will take you to some columns off site and others within the Ark Animals Pet Behavior & Training Section. Returning is simple--just close the new window that pops up.

Getting A Cat or A Kitten

Beyond Shelters: Breed Rescue

Adopting A Senior Animal

Find Your Lost Pet! Part 1, 2

What Do You Do If You Run Over A Pet?

Poop Patrol

Teaching Kids Animal Sense & Manners

Pet Overpopulation

Bloat or Torsion Twist

Pet Precautions Summer 1, 2

Pet Precautions Winter & The Winter Holidays

Pet PrecautionsSpring & The Springtime Holidays

Triangle of Successful Flea Control

Has Your Pets Behavior Suddenly Changed?

Pet Problems: Will They Be Outgrown?

What Does Diet Have to Do With Behavior?

Pet Etiquette: What is it?

Understanding Dog Bites

The Puppy Rulebook

Social Styles: Dog & Human

Introduction to Puppy Socialization

Adding A New Animal To The Household 1, 2, 3

Adding A New Baby To The Household

Increasing Your Pet's IQ

Cloning Animals

Notes On Accidentally Running Over Pets

Does Music or Audio Really Tame The Beast?

Teaching Children Animal Sense & Manners

Pet Overpopulation

Animal Disaster Preparedness 1, 2, 3

Earth Angels: Do They Surround Us Every Day?

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About the columnist: Since 1978 Diana L. Guerrero has worked professionally with both wild and domestic animals. Guerrero has been affiliated with, and certified by, a variety of animal programs in the USA and Europe. Based in California, she writes, consults, and speaks. Information on her animal career programs, training courses, and her books {What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality (SkyLight Paths, 2003), Blessing of the Animals (Sterling, 2007), Help! My Pet is Driving Me Crazy (Guerrero Ink, 2007), Animal Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners & Pet Professionals (Guerrero Ink, 2007)} can be found in this web site and in the shop. Questions for Guerrero should be submitted via the blog comments or membership forum.


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