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2007 Tiger Attack San Antonio Zoo

On July 14, 2007 Jeff Tierney, a zookeeper at the San Antonio Zoo was attacked and mauled by a five-year-old male Sumatran tiger named Berani. This story was briefly reported and the family requested privacy so not much was out in the media or cyberland.

This incident is yet another one attributed to keeper error. Jeff Tierney forgot to close a gate and was saved by having pepper spray on him so that when the tiger released his head, he was able to move her back into her enclosure.

Becaue of the limited information I've included links to news about this incident below.

Visit the tiger attack links here or get other animal attack comments in the breaking news area (offsite) specifically for journalists and producers.

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Zoo Keeper Stable after Tiger Attack

Tiger Mauling at San Antonio Zoo with More Details

San Antonio Zoo Keeper in Stable Condition with Video

Face to face with a killing machine

San Antonio Comments after San Francisco Tiger Attack


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