Teaching You Everything You Need to Noah-bout Animals!

Get empowered through our coaching or training programs and learn to understand animals, solve problems and get unparalleled education for yourself, family or your staff.

Under the direction of the Ark Lady (Diana L Guerrero), Ark Animals has been providing an innovative and integrative blend of animal behavior training, care & management for both wild and domestic animals since 1988.

Ark Animals helps:

  • pet parents raise happier animals & get better behavior from their furry family members,
  • animal career seekers get insider information for careers with animals,
  • solve animal behavior problems through humane training, behavior modification, and through the use of innovative, integrative strategies and tools,
  • and empowers animal professionals and animal businesses with valuable information and strategies to help their businesses and their clients.


ARKANIMALS.COM started after I fell from the top of a zoo hay barn–injuring myself on Christmas day. It was formed after the prompting by a couple of friends who insisted I start a website upon my return to the mountains to recover.

Ark Animals first appeared on the Internet in 1995 as a private website for me (Diana L Guerrero aka the Ark Lady). It grew with topics related to wild and domestic animal behavior and training, animals careers, and contributions related to conservation. Because of the traffic had to be moved to its own domain in 1997.

Oblivious to just how innovative the Internet was (or how unique the ARKANIMALS.COM website was), I just kept writing and adding more articles and information.

The site has gone through a few transitions since that time and now includes a blog, podcast and vlog along with a wide range of articles, special reports, and other goodies.

Ark Lady (Diana L Guerrero)

As for me, I am a highly credentialed professional who is known as wild and domestic animal behavior consultant and trainer with over thirty-five years under my belt.

But labels are limiting. My roles have been varied and also include working as a professional speaker, staff trainer, etc., in both large and small organizations.

If you want to learn more about my credentials and training you can find additional details at my animal expert site.

I am also the author of

This site has always been a labor of love so I hope that you enjoy your visit, will join the community and take time to leave me your comments on the blog.

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