Wolf Attacks & Steve Irwin

Here is the payout for one of the victims of the most recent attacks by a wolf in Canada. If you remember, there was another alleged attack I posted some time back. There will be an offical inquiry into the wolf attack on the student in Canada.

Good news about this Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle recently released back into the wild.

Not so good news regarding this lioness and hunter encounter.

Dom Giordano had this commentary on the Crocodile Hunter and there was also this tribute to Steve Irwin.

I’ve had numberous emails regarding the passing of Steve Irwin. Thousands of people have discovered two interviews I did in 2004 and 2005 regarding Bob Irwin and some of the antics I witnessed behind the scenes of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno when Steve Irwin was the guest.

Whatever the opinion, the fact is that the man was a father, husband, son, employer and friend to people. They need time to grieve and heal.

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