Wild Careers w Julie Scardina (Video)

Julie Scardina and I are both alumna from the same wild animal training and management program. This video gives you a short glimpse of how she got to be the animal ambassador you see in the media and out in public.

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  1. Alexandra Avigliano says

    I live in NJ, i want to be a wildlife rehabiliator because i love animals especially wild animals,like lions bears,deer,much much more.and i want to help them and it would be an honor to have that experience….what college do i go to be a wildife rehabiliator.

  2. You could start by reading the articles I’ve written about how to be a wildlife rehabilitator here (https://www.arkanimals.com/2009/06/10/animal-career-chat-wildlife-rehabilitation/) or on the animal career secrets website or book an appointment for an animal career consultation. Just search the box in the sidebar to come up with the article here and use the link in the sidebar to get to the other site.