Tiger, Tiger & What Were You Thinking? Avian Flu

Below you will find a post originally placed online in March. Here is an update. This area in India is famous for tiger attacks and famed maneater hunter Jim Corbett wrote about the Sundarbans many years ago. I remember reading his “Maneaters of Kumoan” as a child. If you want an interesting read it has been rereleased and you can order it via the link below.

Okay, here is a stupid story that actually turned out well for both the teens and the tigers. Why is it that people think they can get along with captive wildlife–especially predators? This story follows one just the other day–the woman climbed into an elephant enclosure (elsewhere) are luckily escaped–but traumatized the animals in the process.

This is why exotics don’t make good pets. Tiger attack…

Here is an update on the avian flu. I am sure you heard about the cats in Austria and Germany but read the latest via the AP Wire and via the links at the bottom of the page.

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