Senior Dog Pet Products

In response to the aging pet population, the pet industry has been focusing on senior dogs by manufacturing products specifically meeting the needs of older dogs. This year at SuperZoo, a pet industry trade show, I found a few senior dog pet products that I thought you might want to know about. Of course, there are more but I thought I’d flag you on the orthopedic beds and the paw pads.

Senior Dog Beds: Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper™, the Therabed™, and the Duotemp™ Pet Bed

The Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper™ by Orange County K9™
Orthopedic beds are becoming a standard for aging pets my current favorites are The Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper™ by Orange County K9™ and the heated pet beds by Dolce Vita Therabeds.

The Universal Pet Comfort Sleeper™ by Orange County K9™ was a new orthopedic dog bed I found recently. These beds are designed to significantly reduce the pains caused by arthritis, compressed spines, orthopedic injuries, and orthopedic hip dysplasia. They are also good for mobility challenged dogs recovering from surgery.

Orange County K9™ dog beds are a combination of premium quality orthopedic memory foam over quality support foam. Each bed comes with an antibacterial, waterproof inner liner and a soil-resistant cover and perks include a hidden metal zipper (chrome bone pull) and a handle that makes it easy to take off the cover and to move the dog bed around. Colors? Black, blue, buckskin, coffee, and pink. Order the OCK9 Universal Pet Comfort Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Dolce Vita Therabed & Duotemp Pet Beds

I first took a look at the Therabed™ last summer at one of the local pet wholesalers here is So. Cal.

When dogs get over heated they commonly seek cooler surfaces like concrete or tile floors. The hard surfaces can cause stiffness, joint and muscle stress and contribute to calluses and bald spots. So, Dolce Vita created the Duotemp™, a soft, therapeutic bed that delivers not only heat, but offers the option of cool air ventilation to help lower the pet’s body temperature. Each bed is covered with micro-suede (café mocha and tan) that is water and stain resistant and machine washable. Dolce Vita Dog Bed Sizing Chart

Order the Dolce Vita Therabed or Order the Dolce Vita DuoTemp™ Pet Bed

Senior Dog Traction Pads: Paw-Pads by PupGear

Theresa and the gang at PupGear have some great products. This year I heard accolades from senior dogs owners about the Paw-Pads™.  You attach these to the bottom of the dog’s paw pads and they help traction for dogs having trouble. They use Slip-Not™ (a textured ultra thin neoprene fabric) to help older animals with traction on hardwood, tile, marble or vinyl floors–or any slippery surfaces. Anyone who has an older dog that slips on those surfaces will love this product. They are ideal for older dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, or dogs recuperating from hip or back surgery. Each packet comes with 40 but you can get more mileage if you place a couple on the bottom of each pad. The material is very light, breathable, water, and chemical resistant. PupGear also uses non-toxic, hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive. Read how to use the Paw-Pads or Get the Paw-Pads now.

I’ll add more senior dog products in future posts. In the meantime, do you have a favorite senior dog pet product recommendation? If so, leave a comment below.

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