PopScience: When Science Meets Art

Above is an awesome video of the presentation by Nalini Nadkarni from earlier this year.

Nadkarni is passionate about the rainforest canopy biome and is reaching out with science, dance, and other art.

Artists and musicians visit the canopy and leave with new inspiration that takes the canopy out into areas and to people Nadkarni would never reach normally.

As a result many outreach programs have sprung up around this project.

Music inspiration, new clothing line creations, moss projects, new environmental projects in prisons, and many other innovative ideas.

My favorite so far–gotta be TreeTop Barbie–it is about time someone helped to make her a modern woman and plant some new ideas.

TreeTop Barbie was designed to inspire youth – especially young girls – to become aware of the field of the forest canopy. She is a real Barbie doll, but wears hand-tailored clothes that are modeled on real field clothes and climbing gear, including a field guide to canopy plants and animals (both Barbie- and human-sized). The TreeTop Barbie package includes the doll and a personal letter from Barbie about forests and their importance to people.

If you want to check out a few other websites related to the rainforest and Nadkarni check out the Eco Lab, the Forest Canopy Lab at Evergreen State, the International Canopy Network,  or if you want to become a research ambassador fill out the application.

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