Poor puppies…and other animal news

It sounds like this trunkload of puppies came from a puppy mill. Anyway, the fan went out and the pups died in transport. Just another reason why you should not support the sale of live animals via big chains of pet stores. Many stores offer adoptions in conjunction with local animal shelters and rescue agencies. Support those instead.

In the UK pet fitness is taking hold. Just check out this pet fitness program just launching. I think their reference to “chunky cats, portly pooch’s, huge hamster’s and ‘rounded’ rabbit’s” is pretty clever. Check out the portly pooches next to the article.

This pet scam artist is just a reminder for people to be careful when seeking to be reunited with lost pets.

Check out this guy’s opinion about pet care and abandonment

You might remember by mentioning the custody battle over Hurrican Katrina pets. Here is an article related to the custody battle. Here are some additional links so you can form an opinion:


Washington Post article on the pet custody battle.


In international news, I’ve put up links on my breaking news blog
regarding war zone animals. This article concerns Bahrain critters.

Wild animal sanctuary in dire straits. I keep saying wild and exotic animals don’t make good pets. Here is another problem…where do they go and then how do you support the dumping grounds?

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