Pets: Legal Changes & Prison Training

Doggies doing time has been something that has hit the news before. Here is an article related to pets being rehabilitated in prison.

After watching some of the gang related specials on National Geographic on how they keep active despite being incarcerated, I’d hate to see any gang members engaging in the behavior. The rehabilitation is something that needs to happen on a national level within pet shelters and related agencies where dumped dogs land regularly.

Pet ownership is changing so that the legal system is supporting cases where pet loss is caused by negligence. In a world where animals are still handled as livestock, this is a conflicting development. Pet parenthood is increasingly becoming more sophisticated but backyard breeders, puppy mills, failure to socialize, and failure to train still lead the pack of problems.

Haute Diggity Dog won a case against a copyright infringement case by Louis Vitton. The company paradies product names of the popular brand. This is not the first case upheld but is considered a significant win.

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