Pet Trends and Other Animal News

John Woestendiek at the Baltimore Sun did a great job on an article called, A Dog’s Life.

In affluent areas pets enjoy the good life but in other areas this is not the case. In my business I am actually focusing on early pet hood education since I think this is an area NOT getting enough attention. Pampered pets without rules become aggressive and naughty…but that is another story.

In the meantime, pet custody battles are on the increase as reported by UPI in Wisconsin.

Above: Jenny the civet cat debuted in the LA Times article about kopi luwak…photo courtesy Paul Watson of the LA Times.

About a year ago I read about a unqiue type of coffee processing. Recently Paul Watson at the LA Times reported about kopi luwak a very expensive coffee–which has to pass through the digestive system of a civet cat…and you guessed it, after it gets pooped out it is processed and sold for about $600 a pound–but hey, you can get a cup for about $30–don’t spill!

ALSO, the link between SARS and Civets hit the news in late 2006 so you might NOT want to consume the stuff.

You may have remember that I placed links to stories about war dogs and other military animals in the past but I just found and really enjoyed this article on Four Footed Soldiers.

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