Pet Food Recall: Pet Eulogy…for those who have lost pets

The tragedy of the past few weeks is something people never anticipated. The loss of a pet is never easy because they touch us deeply. For those who have lost animals I’d like to pass you this ceremony in the hope that it will help you move through this time–and give some comfort.

Many blessings,

Diana L Guerrero

Pet Eulogy Service
Select meaningful music and form a circle around the burial ground or area the ashes will be scattered. Conduct this service at sunset to represent passing on or at sunrise to symbolize new beginnings.

We respectfully call in the Great Spirit. Essences of the earth and sky, we ask you to receive our beloved (pet’s name).
May his/her remains to contribute to the circle of life.
Enfold us in compassion.
Bond us during this difficult time.
Reveal the lessons needed to assist our understanding.
Shift our perspective over this loss.

All join hands. The officiant directs those gathered to breathe meditatively.

Life begins with a deep breath and ends with an exhale.
Breathe now and inhale love and light.
Allow fond memories of this departed love one to fill any aching or empty space.
Breathe out and release sorrow and grief.
In your mind’s eye witness the light of this bright spirit moving into another realm without pain, without reservation.

Light a candle or acknowledge the sun or moon through gesture or movement.

Let go and send blessings to (pet’s name).
When the sun sets, the moon rises and the reflective glow continues.
So will it be with this being who added luster to this world and who will continue to light our lives through fond contemplation.
As the sun rises, let us remember that after each ending is a new beginning.
Memories of this being will illuminate the darkness.
Allow (pet’s name)’s soft afterglow to engulf us.
May we find peace.

Cast flower petals or place flowers on gravesite.

Through each season there is transition and so it is in life.
Life begins with a seed, grows and blossoms, withers, dies, and cycles again.
Feel free to share a story or memory of (pet’s name).
When finished, cast your flower in memory of the beauty in life and how it continues.

Sprinkle water or symbolically incorporate water in the ceremony.

These tears drop to the earth cleansing our pain, releasing our sorrow, just as the rain douses the earth, quenches the terrain, travels on a journey to the sea, and evaporates.
This passage reminds us again of the circle of life, ever changing, ever present.
Let us be cleansed and allow (pet’s name) to transition to other realms, in another form.

Scatter earth or ashes.

Over time, the rocks, trees, plants, and animals transition, absorbed by the earth.
Dust blows over the desert, mud moves mountainsides, and sand travels great distances to other shores.
As we scatter this earth/these ashes we acknowledge that we shall again feel our feet on solid ground and remember that (pet’s name) has embarked on a new journey to other destinations.
May his/her travels be sanctified.
Keep us centered in faith and grounded as we travel through life from this time forward.

Pet Eulogy Service is excerpted from Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies Celebrating Pet & Other Animals (ISBN 1402729677) by Diana L Guerrero. Reprinted here by permission of the author. All rights reserved.

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