Obama Dog Frenzy

So, there seem to be a lot of websites devoted to (or marketing off of) the topic of the Obama dog.

I took a look around after someone left me a comment with a link to one of them…spammers never stop trying to get through the filter!

Many of the sites are crap but there are some clever folks out there.

So, I thought it might be amusing to point a few out for you:

Shepard Fairey (the artist who did the Obama posters and stickers) has donated his talent to help rescue dogs with an Adopt poster.

Not too long after President-elect Obama commented that his family would like to adopt, “a mutt like me,”  Dr. Pia Salk contacted the artist about supporting pet adoption via the website, AdoptAPet.com.

If you’d like to promote this effort you can get Adopt banners at the muttslikeme subdomain of adoptapet.com

There are a couple of sites that are titled “Obama Dog” such as this Typepad Obama Dog blog and DogTime has Obama-Dog.com.

The Dog Vote was going pretty hot and heavy last year and still has both Obama and McCain bandanas for sale.

It displays an “electorial” vote map and count from the campaign last year. The site was started by Cara Orfield and some neighbors but isn’t really active any more–and gone is the barkobamablog.com.


Below is a video with President-elect Obama discussing the two final choices for the first dog. The search for these animals seems to be going to be from shelters.

Is someone going to tell them that they can also go to breed rescue?

BTW: The Portuguese Water Dog is not a hound…

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