Obama Dog: White House First Puppy Bo

Above: Bo,  the new Obama dog, (formerly known as Charlie) visited the White House for an introductory session (aka “The Meeting”) a few weeks ago.

So despite the best laid plans to announce the arrival of the Obama dog into the White House on Tuesday–it was announced yesterday in the blogosphere.

Who let the dog out?

FirstDogCharlie.Com was suspected of catching onto the leak but you can also find information on the new White House dog from the US Government’s White House website.

Bo is a six-month-old Portugese water dog who was a gift by Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts).

Although not from a shelter, the dog was re-homed because he was not working out at his previous residence and the Portuguese water dog breeder took him back.

Bo won’t have to be decked out in the latest fashions for any appearances or special events since he already sports a natural tuxedo–he is black and white.

The Obama dog has already been in finishing school preparing for his stately duties as America’s First Dog.

Silly me, I thought we could discuss the integration of a new animal into a home during the Obama Dog’s first few months but Bo is not a puppy–he is an adolescent who has already been prepped for his new life.

However, since neither the President or the First Lady had dogs growing up, and this is the first pet for Sasha and Malia, hopefully the Obama dog experience will help teach Americans more about living with pets.

But the big question of the day–will Bo participate in the 2009 White House Easter Egg Roll?

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