Irwins in the News Again

Now it has been along time since I’ve written anything regarding the Irwin family over at Australia Zoo. In the last month the Irwins have made headlines all around the globe.

The first hit when Bob Irwin (Steve Irwin’s father and founder of Australia Zoo) left allegedly over disagreements over the direction of Australia Zoo. Bob Irwin has purchased property elsewhere in Queensland and will be working on projects there.

In the meantime, reports are that Australia Zoo will be opening a safari park and is moving toward a model geared more toward entertainment including new projects including an onsite hotel and spa.

Last week announcements were that Australia Zoo and the Irwins were under probe by the Australian Tax Office. General manager Frank Muscillo spoke to the press indicating that they were cooperating fully.

Meanwhile, Bindi Irwin has her own empire brewing.

Bindi Irwin will turn 10 on July 24th and already has her own television show, Bindi the Jungle Girl, a line of clothing called Bindi Wear, and a look-a-like doll in her zoo toy line.

One claim to fame concerns Bindi’s first animal bite–at 18 months-of-age and Bob Irwin’s bite by a boa constrictor….well, at least he was a ripe old age of four!

Crikey! Does anyone else think there is anything wrong with that?

Yes, as a matter of fact people other than me have commented (mostly sarcastically) on the child celebrity noting that Bob Irwin is the only family member without his own doll .

The young gal’s life is not even close to normal–she lives in a zoo, is an international celebrity for starters–I’ve written about my concerns in the past but I wonder, just what is your opinion about all this Irwin news?

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