Holiday Pet Giving: The Controversy

Recently I blogged about how some humane societies have changed their minds about giving pets as gifts during the holidays. This article gives some additional musings about why gifting a pet around the holidays is not a good idea. I agree, unfortunately I live in an area where animals are still auctioned off. Doesn’t instill the view of a pet as a living, feeling creature in my view.

Lost pet return estimates on a national level have been put at less than 10% . This article on pet detectives says that sources cited in the article put lost cat returns at 2-4%. Is this not a good motivator for keeping pets indoors and making sure they wear ID tags and are microchipped? I think so.
Fleas Navidog? This article talks about pet owner spending.

Rabbit abuse? This article from the UK found that 7 out of 10 rabbits stay confined all day every day.

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