Good Pet Rescue News, Poor Editorial

Thought you would be happy to see that the bill was recently passed by the House of Representatives to provide for animal disaster rescue. This editorial expresses the sentiment of a lot of people. I actually contributed an opinion on the matter since the issue is that many people refuse to evacuate endangering rescue personnel and complicating disaster relief efforts. Furthermore, abandoned animals pose additional post disaster problems. A similar animal disaster rescue article appeared in New York. AND another story appeared in Washington. Did you know that hurricane evacuees have other pet related complications to worry about.

In this unrelated story, locals don’t want to grin and “bear” it anymore. Each state has different regulations related to captive wildlife. A perimeter fence would have been nice. Read more about this Ohio bear incident. Bear habituation is a problem but the underlying issue is that people feed them or leave out their garbage which scavengers find to be a smorgasbord. Urban wildlife may be a misnomer since animals were there prior to our invasion.

In Northern California coyotes are out to take care of their little ones just emerging from the den. Here is another article on the urban coyote issue.

Give your pet a little credit? BofA just announced a new card where you can put your pet’s photo instead of the standard selection.

Reggie? Many of you may have listened to my PSA on Harbor Park Harry. Hmm, looks like his name has been changed but Steve Irwin still intends to catch him.

There is a new book out for pet allergies. Lots of people know that doggie dander can be a problem but products such as Allergroom can help. Click below to buy the pet allergy book and related books that support this site.

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