Going Mobile: Dog & Cat Ringtones, etc…

So, I just set up this blog for mobile phone access for those on the run. If you want to do the same for your blog just click the image.

Speaking of going mobile…there are some new services out there for pet lovers.

If you need to access pet businesses, activities during travel or simply get directions you can check out Go2 who has just partnered with Purina to meet the needs of mobile savvy pet lovers everywhere.

Funny, they forgot to list dog trainers and behaviorists under their pet services list.

If  you are looking for ringtones for cat lovers and dog lovers, you can snag some from Purina.mobi.

Simply click on the dog or cat images to access variety of goodies that include videos, tips, wallpapers, games, and more.

How did we ever survive before technology?

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