Filming in Los Angeles

Above: Michael Hoff Productions Project Team (Left to Right) Back Row: Brett Rodney (Camera) & Aaron Sonego (Sound/Audio). Front Row: Blue Bonilla (Associate Field Producer), Diana L Guerrero (Talent), Kristen Marcinkowski (Production Assistant). Not pictured Gary Simpson (Series Producer).

So yesterday was a perpetual day as I headed down to Los Angeles to film a few segments for a couple of shows in production with Michael Hoff Productions.

As I drove away from the clear, clean skies and glimmering lake here in the mountains of Southern California and down into the smog and heat of the Inland Empire, I was amazed to find little traffic until I hit the Los Angeles area.

I’ve been filmed for a lot of different segments for both news and entertainment shows throughout the years. This team contacted me back in April (actually on my birthday) about an animal show. When they contacted me again–last week I was pleasantly surprised.

Last week proved to be an interesting one–and the day I received the call another production team called right after I hung up the phone–followed by a national magazine.

Nice to be in demand!

The production crew was delightful–and the conditions were comfortable. They were also an amazing pool of talented professionals. The show(s) will air in August of this year.

If I make the final cuts I’ll let you know the air dates–and once I have permission to release any show details–you can be certain I will let you know that too!

Now, early in my career I worked as a wrangler in the movie and television industry. At the time, conditions were not as good as they are now and I left the field…stepping in behind the scenes periodically when my colleagues requested it, or providing expert comments on breaking news–which I still do.

There were a few times when people sought me for my own show (still get about three calls a year) but if they don’t fit in with the integrity of who I am and what my vision is–I say no.

Over the past few years I’ve also been filmed for a few specials–one of the most miserable was in Los Angeles in severe heat and direct sun. It was a nightmare without any consideration–and so I was happy to to find that this production was a wonderful experience and a direct contrast to my last work in the smog filled city.

Thanks to the crew for their humor and professionalism–they all came with some amazing background credentials…and I certainly hope to see them AND work with them again.

Aaron gets a BIG thank you for the inside scoop on navigating away from the main traffic to get onto the freeways home…during rush hour!

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