Doggie DI Boot Camp–Doggie Drama…and Count Down

Above: The girls never stop wagging their tails!

I’ve meant to catch up with you but life has been hectic–to say the least. Yesterday the videographer came out and we got some great footage of the deliquent dogs (not the girls for a change), horses, llamas, and the adventures of my dynamic duo.

We also tuckered them out so they actually slept. This is the second time I have seen them stop–and when I moved–they did not. Significant change occurred.

One of the things that we think (beyond the A.D.H.D.) is that they are just so excited about life and their adventures that they don’t want to miss a thing. Dog “B” was so tired her eyes were closing! Just like young kids, both girls don’t want to miss anything–and so when they get tired they also get more hyper–fighting the urge to rest or sleep.

Above: Eating without tormenting the other.

Dog “A” also is leaving dog “B” alone on eating a bit better now. I finally drove over to the owner’s home and found them catching up on all the things they left behind for three weeks. I heard some horror stories…which I’ll keep to myself for the moment.

I am counting down now, these gals will be missed but I am looking forward to a break and a rest! Instead of going home on Monday–they are heading home on Sunday. The camp owner didn’t want me to work on the property Saturday so tomorrow is it until Sunday when they go home. I had hoped for the extra couple of days but that is the way it goes.

Above: Ignoring another canine who walked by a couple of times.

The gals really did well today. They get overstimulated by external noises and activity. We filmed at the pet store and in the training pen. People are coming up to pet them if the gals “sit” and hold it. They still are crazy about going in and out of the crate in the truck–but they are workable.

The owners were surprised at my preliminary report. They don’t feel like the gals are very smart–genetics is against them–but were glad to hear that they were doing well. I’ll be going over the household and yard with them on Saturday to dog proof it and hope they integrate well on Sunday. Of course, I’ll be giving them a good workout prior to arrival home.

Then it is time to train the owners…

Above: More horses and dogs curious about each other but asked to sit and behave–they did.

The household pig has taken over the yard again and I doubt she will be happy they are returning. The pup at home might like it but the gals need work to integrate with her.

Above: Why would I take such a snap?…to give you the poop!

On the last note, I got one fecal sample today and am hoping to get the other tomorrow because I suspect they have parasites and need treatment. They are eating a lot and are always voracious.

I just dropped their protein level–they were still getting puppy food. Diet changes often help with behavior and I saw a change in just two days. I really detest fillers and dyes, in this case we got rid of that and the protein drop seemed to help further.

One of the abnormal things about these gals is that they just get the urge and go when it hits them. Usually this is in the middle of the trail. They don’t care what is going on–it happens. It also happened in the house without warning.

I used a good old odor neutralizer and clean up (Get Serious) and the spray collar to dissuade any interest in the area.

So, there you have a brief summary of the past couple of days. I am going to view the videos on Saturday and hopefully will have some clips to share in the future.

In the meantime, I am swamped with other commitments too. I’ll post a couple more times and then will move to topics beyond the Doggie DI Boot Camp!

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