Delinquent Dogs & Felonious Felines

This article on another pit bull attack might be of interest as it involves a bull dog and other facts.

On that note, aggression is a problem that I see increasing as in this case. I started a Puppy Club in my area to socialize, tire, and get pups introduced to new people and animals early.

Now that we are in the dog days of summer you need to make sure to take precautions with pets after they have been outdoors. Here are a few tips. Make sure to check your pet for parasites as lyme disease may be on the rise.

What is the cost of a pet or health care for new animals? If you don’t know you might want to work up a budget and take the advice given in the articles.

Barking up the wrong tree. Killing the mom and leaving the kits seems to be a poor way to deal with this mountain lion with a kill nearby. As we encroach on territory these encounters will increase. Are we going to kill them for trespassing?

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