Contest: How does your pet make you smile?

Check out this press release to enter a contest with some groovy prizes.

Fur dye for pets? Fur dye is being claimed as one of the newest trends for pets. I have my reservations. It really needs to be gentle if done at all. This little “Panda dog” was a hot video on the internet about six months ago.

This site was supposed to sell pet hair dye but I didn’t find any what I found was nail color, shampoos and mud for pets on this site. Check out the cat in the photo..definately does not want to be there.

Dog mauling trial news.

Yet another pit bull attack…

This is cool! Maybe I should train eco-dogs!

Naughty behavior reported on Animal Liberation Front.

Legend dog trainer, Captain Haggerty dies. I missed this report and only got to chat with this guy on the phone.
The one thing about animal trainers, we never agree with each other except for what the third one is doing wrong. Did I metion we all have opinions and are not afraid to share them?

I don’t remember if I shared this pet specialty store with you. But you might also want to check out these great books related to Barketechture:

This is a good overview on how to pick a better commercial pet food.

Pet paranoia? Okay, the fact that this article made the news and people are up in arms over the pets seems a bit humorous to me.

Did we learn anything yet about evacuating with pets?

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