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Okay, more news for you. I found another poor review on Milan’s book. The biggest complaint I hear is that people are looking for dog training advice and are buying a biography instead. I blogged this before and you can take a gander here. Check under ethnic differences about animals.

Anyway this person was unhappy about the Dog Whisper’s book, Cesar’s Way. In the meantime, the professionals are not too happy about the old style techniques. This is creating so much heat that National Geographic News had Cesar Milan address some of the heat with an interview. Funny, they used my line from my June blog about the only thing that two animal trainers agree on is what the third is doing wrong. Look for the photo of his book to find my comments.

I am a bit tired of having potential clients call me saying that they are trying Cesar Milan’s techniques…for a number of reasons…mostly because they are foolishly relying on the media to convey professional techniques when they are viewing an edited version. The calls usually concern serious situations and they are endangering their families and themselves.

People keep trying to shortcut pet problems. Sorry to say, there is no such thing unless you get professional help. The sooner you get help the better. Then it is a lifestyle change. Exercise, attention, training, boundaries and limits, consistency are the fundamental needs in addition to understanding, respect, and realistic views of critters.

In other news, the wolf dog issue is still attracting attention. The daughter of the woman killed by her wolf dogs after 10 years. If you read through the wolf dog hybrid article on www.arkanimals.com you will understand the issue better. I had one animal that challenged me and his other professional trainers at 7 years of age. Russian Roulette if you ask me.

Regarding the child endangerment trial…hung jury means that the woman who left her child home alone in the basement and whose dogs killed him was not held accountable for irresponsible pet ownership or child endangerment. What do you think?

Not only are people overfeeding their pets (one in four pets is overweight) the public is also overfeeding wildlife. In early blogs I discuss why this is a bad idea…not only for health reasons but for also because of dangerous habituation.

Dog killing in China is something still sweeping the media.

Pet disaster issues continue to be of concern…

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