Cat Livin’s Cat Climber

If you are an urban dwelling cat enthusiast I know you will find this new cat pet product to be purr-fect cat for you.

Called the Cat Climber, it is actually a cat scratching post and feline perch together in one good looking product.

Finally someone has come out with a product that isn’t bulky and looks fabulous–plus it hangs on any door!

Wait, it gets better.

The whole Cat Climber dismantles so that it fits in a nice little box which is great for shipping–and it is convenient to pack up if you have to move or ever store it.

Left: Detail of the hanging device for the Cat Climber by Cat Livin.

I was fortunate to meet Angela and Jeremy in Las Vegas. We attended their party at The Hotel where their fabulous products were highlighted and where we could see them in action.

Angela & Jeremy are cat lovers and cat owners who were driven to create products for themselves and others who don’t like the existing, bulky products currently on the market.

Cat Livin designs fit into the urban landscape in a much nicer way than some of the other products I have seen. The great thing about the product line is that they tested the products and cats really like them.

Right: Cat Livin’s Cat Garden and the Wedge Cat Scratching Post (still under refinement).

Left: The Ottoman designed for scratching and a nice place to hide.

I can’t wait to see what else this duo comes up with. In the meantime, you can order any of the Cat Livin products directly.

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