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Today more and more people are studying online. I’ve been actively enrolled in online courses regularly since 2000 and currently get continuing education unit from participation in programs online.

As a result, we are no longer limited to where (or with whom) we study.

So, if you are looking to help yourself along on an animal career path, one of the great options is to study online.

I have a course in progress that will launch 2010-2011 but in the meantime wanted to share a few options for you to investigate from the UK.

I actually flew over to England and stayed while I studied and worked with endangered species but I had also sourced an online university that offered a zoo course way back in the 1980s.

Anyway, today I am going to outline the Canine Studies diploma course. It is a fully accredited Level 3 (UK designation) diploma course for dog enthusiasts who are simply interested in dogs or who are seeking employment in the canine world. Students who pass the final online examination will be awarded a diploma in Canine Studies.

The nice thing about online studies is that you can usually go at your own pace and in the Canine Studies diploma course allows you one year to complete this course from the time you register for the class and requires an estimated 400 hours of study to complete.

Canine Studies Awards
In the Canine Studies course you actually get two for one. Students that meet the final examination qualitifcations for graduation will receive a certificate from both the college and also the awarding body, Ascentis. These fees are included in the course fee.

International students are welcome and there is open enrollment–you can enroll at any time.

Canine Studies Course Syllabus
Introduction to Canine Studies
The first module in the Canine Studies course takes you into the history of canine domestication. Topics covered include:

  • Taxonomy (How dogs are classified and where they fit into the animal kingdom)
  • Canine origins and theories as to how they evolved from their ancestors
  • History of canine domestication
  • Contrasts and similarities between dogs and wolves
  • Dogs and their relationship with humans

Canine Anatomy and Physiology
In this module students learn about the anatomy and physiology of canines. Including:

  • skeletal system
  • muscular system
  • nervous system and sensory organs
  • endocrine system
  • circulatory system
  • respiratory system
  • immune system

Nutrition is the science of food and of nourishing the body and to maintain healthy physiological systems understanding it is crucial. This module introduces the following:

  • The canine digestive system
  • Nutritional requirements of the dog
  • Aging influences on protein and fat needs
  • How to monitor diet effectiveness
  • Health complications from incorrect feeding
  • Toxic food that pose risks to dogs
  • Digestive system ailments

Canine Diseases
This module is an overview of infectious and non infectious diseases. Overview touches onto:

  • Disease causing organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the differences between them)
  • Internal and external parasites
  • How to identify factors that transmit diseases
  • Some degenerative diseases

Canine Health and Veterinary Care
This module goes into a few previously studied diseases and outlines how they can be diagnosed, treated, and prevented.

  • Diagnostic methods and medicines for canine diseases
  • Diagnostic methods, treatment and prognosis for injuries
  • Legal restrictions in the veterinary profession and general public
  • Dog First Aid
  • Small animal practice technology and equipment

Canine Genetics
Explore the science of genetics in this module. Includes an introduction to:

  • Terminology of genetics
  • Genetic science
  • Genetic mutations
  • Differences between natural selection and artificial selection
  • Theories of evolution
  • Genetic disorders in the dog

This module covers the physiology of reproduction and the care of the neonates.

  • Reproductive anatomy of the dog
  • Reproductive anatomy of the bitch
  • The oestrus cycle
  • Conception and development of pregnancy
  • Whelping
  • Development of neonatal puppies
  • Natural and artificial insemination
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Birth complications

Canine behavior laps over into biology, neuroscience and psychology and this module covers:

  • Similarities and differences between wolf behavior and domestic dog behavior
  • Genetic influences in behavior, and the differences between breeds
  • How dogs learn and learning theories
  • Brain areas associated with various aspects of behavior
  • Senses and how they affect behavior
  • Diet, hormones and health effects on behavior
  • Previous experience influences on behavior
  • Stereotypical behavior
  • How dog learning can be used during training

Canine Behavior II
This module delves into behavior problems.

  • Common behavior problems
  • Why problem behaviors occur
  • Behavior problem evaluation techniques
  • Ways behavior can be shaped and altered including veterinary treatment

Working with Canines
This module explores the canine industry such as:

  • Organizations involved with dogs and research
  • Types of jobs available working with dogs
  • Dog laws (working with dogs, ownership of dogs)
  • Requirements of running a canine business
  • Setting up a boarding kennels
  • Breeding dogs

As you can see the Canine Studies course is a fairly good overview if you are interested in canines.

In addition to the course materials, students will have access to a special location (student commons) course updates, extra materials and other information.

These is also a student chat room and forum to round out the online student community.

This is definitely an introductory course as no previous skills or qualifications required to register for this study program and tuition can be paid in one payment or by a deposit and monthly payments. .

All students will also have their own personal tutor that can be contacted via telephone or email and unlimited support Monday to Friday.

Click this blog’s affiliate link for further information, or to enroll in the canine studies course.

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