California’s Veterinary Service Tax?

If you are a pet owner living in California you are already aware that California plans to tax veterinary care as much as 10.25 percent for your veterinary services–if the proposed economic plan from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is passed.

Governator Arnold’s plan seems to be motivated by the downturn in California’s current economy but lumps those services with luxuries instead of other health care services. Health services that are not targeted so that veterinary services stand alone.

Christie Keith did a nice article on the Veterinary Information Network to drive this home:

“I don’t think getting medical treatment for your cat or your dog should even begin to correlate with getting furniture repaired or playing golf,” said Valerie Fenstermaker, executive director of the California Veterinary Medical Association.

“Veterinary medicine is not a service you’d lump in with luxuries,” said Adrian Hochstadt, assistant director for state legislative and regulatory affairs for the American Veterinary Medical Association. “People of all income levels own pets, and pet ownership should be affordable in this country. It’s a bizarre comparison.” Read More about Sales Tax on Veterinary Services

In addition to the economic hardships the mortgage crisis has contributed to a glut of abandoned animals or relinquished pets. People are already struggling to keep their pets never mind providing them with basic veterinary care.

In the proposed plan pets are lumped with luxury activities such as a round of golf and with inanimate property.

Take a minute to contact the governor’s office to alert them to the fact that veterinary services need to be taken out of the proposal…pets are furry family members not luxury items or a piece of furniture that needs repair.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Office
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-558-3160

After you call him take a moment to call and fax your representatives in the state Assembly and Senate. You can enter your zip code to find your state representative here.

Don’t delay take action today.

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  1. Several of us animal students have signed letters against the tax, and I believe we will be sending them as a group from our school. I’m glad to see that there are others out there speaking out against it as well. Thank you for spreading the word.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Teece. Glad to hear that the schools are also motivating people to take action.