Be Kind to Animals Week May 7-13, 2006

I am glad to see that we have a national week dedicated to kindness to animals and has been celebrated since 1915. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of pet care throughout this country ranging from utilitarian to pampered pets.

The sad reality is that a lot of people still keep animals in substandard conditions. I battle misconceptions concerning pets everyday. This week I hope you will take some time to focus on making life better for critters of all types. The week has also been celebrated as Humane Sunday.

Girl Power has posted some “Be Kind to Animals Week” tips here…still valid for this year even though the dates have changed.

It is also National Pet Week!
National Pet Week was jointly founded in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Auxiliary to the AVMA, and is now widely celebrated throughout the United States and other parts of the world. In 2006, the week will be observed May 7-13, with the theme “Fitness Unleashed.” Each year, its goals are: to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote public awareness of veterinary medicine.

What Can You do?
Kids might gather cans for canines or cans for cats and use the recycling money to donate to humane rescue groups in your area. Maybe you can alter your garden so that it attracts more species of butterflies and birds. A short trip to the local zoo can be used to talk about issues related to conservation and captive wildife. Maybe you can take a hike through a local canyon or venture to the coast, desert or mountains to view native species and unusual creatures. Most areas have animal specific businesses, museums, zoos or similar establishments.

If you want to get fit take your pet on excuersions and ponder diet changes (or treat reduction). It is a good time to make sure you have current identification tags and a disaster evactuation kit for pets, too.

Get creative and have a good time while you lavish love on those animals around you!

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