Animals & Irwin in the News

Well, I just found another commentary related to the sensationalism on animal television. Read another negative article regarding Steve Irwin–these of slants are hugely unpopular but bring up good points.

Personally, I despise reality television and the bad behavior exploitation. If I watch television I prefer educational programs or something that shuts down my brain and engages me.

The popular animal shows never do that for me. I seriously dislike the invasiveness into wild habitat and the encroachment on an animal’s personal space is disturbing, it certainly does not instill respect or teach proper animal etiquette to the masses…

Threats to wildlife are coming from the people want “designer pets”
another disturbing trend…
Katrina animals allegedly shot, lawsuits pending. You may remember my mentioning that only about 15% of the lost pet victims from Hurricane Katrina were reunited with their owners over a year after the disaster. Now, it seems that some of the pets people were forced to leave were shot.

When they say, “Don’t feed the bears”
there is a reason…

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