Animal Disaster Preparedness Guide

Okay, I am releasing a preliminary version of my revised Animal Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners & Pet Professionals in PDF format today.

I’m still working on adding photos and other interesting information but the 53 page guide has valuable information needed by pet owners and animal professionals.

Why am I releasing it now?

I am getting sick of seeing stuff like this:

We heard people with pets were being turned away from evacuation buses (because they didn’t have pet carriers!), our team responded with three thousand pet carriers to be sure those folks could evacuate with their pets. (From Best Friends Animal Rescue)

To get a copy of the Animal Disaster Preparedness Guide, you just need to be a subscriber here at Ark Animals.

We are revising the site and it will be available once that is done after you confirm you’ll get the download page password.

Disaster Resources for Veterinarians and Pet Owners as Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, Josephine and Ike are excellent examples of why National Preparedness Month, held every September, is so important. Preparation is the best defense.

Here is a preview of the Animal Disaster Preparedness Guide Table of Contents:

About this Project

Expect the Unexpected

Examples: flooding, earthquake, fire

Animal Disaster Preparedness?

Are you Prepared?

The Beginning: Questions to Ask

The Next Step: More Questions & Action!

Does Your City/Town Have A Disaster Plan Program?

You Need an Evacuation Plan

Animal Needs

Animal Rescue (Disaster) Kits

Do it Yourself Animal Disaster Kit (Dogs & Cats)

Avian Collections & Birds

Injured Bird Tips

Equine & Large Animals

Horse Kit Items

Importance of Horse Training

Livestock & Fire

Earthquake Warning Behavior from Animals

Cats, Dogs, Horses & Livestock, Birds

Other Animals

Post Disaster Animal Behavior

Cats, Dogs, Horses & Livestock

Post Disaster Problems


Always Take Your Animals With You!

Desensitization & Other Training

Other Resources

Appendix of Animal Behavior & Needs

Moving Livestock

Other Animals

Dog Emergency Care Sheet

Cat Emergency Care Sheet

Bird Emergency Care Sheet

Horse Emergency Care Sheet

Emergency Care Sheet for Sheep, Goats, Llamas

Cattle Emergency Care Sheet

Swine Emergency Care Sheet

Appendix of Historical Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Precursors & Locations

Resources & Recommended Reading

Appendix of Animal Disaster Agencies, Training & Equipment

Disaster/Search & Rescue Dogs

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Hoping that we can be part of the solution so we see less news stories about animal disaster victims!

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  1. What an absolutely useful resource! Thank you for putting this together for all of the pet owners out there in the disaster prone areas.

  2. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a note. Hopefully it will get the word out–if everyone who reads it takes action perhaps the issues will lessen in the future!


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