American Zoo & Aquarium Hurricane Update

American Zoo & Hurricane update requests have been coming in about information on the zoos hit by Hurricane Katrina.

So, I’ve included those below that are listed are professional members of the American Zoo & Aquarium Association.

This update is from the newsroom of AZA.

“Status of AZA member institutions in the affected area as of 5:00 pm, 1 September 2005.

Audubon Zoo
AZA has gotten an update on the Audubon Zoo situation from Dr. Betsy Dresser, director of the Audubon Center for the Research in Endangered Species facility. A crew of 12 are on site at the Zoo. She reports that they are in good spirits. They have supplies and currently the generators are operational. They do not believe there is a need to move the animals from the Zoo at present. The Zoo is coordinating its future supply needs through Dr. Dresser, who is working with the AZA.

Aquarium of the Americas
In the past 24 hours, staff has had to vacate the Aquarium of the Americas. The Aquarium is in the area of the city where there is much looting and violence. Ron Forman, President and CEO of the Audubon Nature Institute is coordinating efforts to keep the Aquarium safe through the New Orleans police and fire departments. Once the area around the Aquarium stabilizes, Aquarium staff will return to the facility.

Audubon Center for the Research in Endangered Species (ACRES)
As noted yesterday, there are 4 keepers at ACRES. Dr. Dresser is in contact with them daily and is coordinating their needs.

AZA continues to work with Dr. Dresser and other Audubon Nature Institute executives to coordinate relief efforts. Once there is a safe method of delivery, we will be able to put our plans into immediate action.

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo
The Zoo has electricity but there are brown outs. There are lots of trees down, but there were no animal losses. They are already working on clean up.

Alexandria Zoo

They are doing fine. They had no animal loss.

Jackson Zoo
The Zoo suffered very slight building damage and has about 35 trees down. There was no injury to any staff or animals. About half of the zoo has power. They will be closed for about a week while they clean up the trees.

Birmingham Zoo
The Zoo was without electricity for one day but power is now restored. Some trees are down, but the zoo suffered no animal losses.

Montgomery Zoo
The Zoo has some electricity, had some trees are down, but they suffered no animal losses.”

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  1. What a relief to know that there are so many good people to care for our fellow creatures!