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The article reports an alleged wolf attack on pets.

I thought you would like this article on elephants. In captivity elephants require a high degree of activity to keep them fit and footwork to maintain the soles of their feet. Vascualar activity is augmented by movement. Anyway, although the quote says that elephants can be sweet–make not mistake–they remain wild animals and big powerful ones at that!

My pal Carol (of Tonight Show fame and who resides at the San Diego Wild Animal Park) painted a picture when I worked with her. It hangs on my wall along with a photo of us working on it. Here is some elephant art you might be interested in reading about.

I enjoyed seeing this commentary on exotic pets. Earlier this week someone sent me an email thanking me for the wolf dog hybrid series mentioning the woman referenced in this article. For twenty plus years I’ve maintained that wolf dogs are not good pets. I still stand by that statement.

Good job for a dog…sniffing out turtles!
Dog parks are not always safe places these days. Facilitated gatherings are much better choices.

Soft dogs don’t make good police canines...straight from the UK.

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