Sail into Your Dreams–Of An Animal Career!

The Animal Career Secrets series presents an interview with author and life transformation coach, Karen Mehringer. “Sail into Your Dreams teaches readers HOW to make their dreams a reality. If you are dreaming about a career with animals–listen up! All content copyrighted 2007 by Diana L Guerrero. Some rights reserved.

Today I was able to interview author and life transformation coach, Karen Mehringer. I thought the interview would be of interest for the readers here at Animal Career Secrets because it teaches you techniques of how to turn your dreams into a reality. Most people dream about a career with animals but many don’t know how to make that dream into a reality.

Karen is the author of Sail into Your Dreams: 8 Steps to Living a More Purposeful Life–a book sparked by a six month voyage and a quest for a new life–including new careers. Karen and her husband John took action and signed up to crew on a 46 foot sail boat which took them on an adventure on the high seas as they traveled from Fiji to Singapore via Vanuatu, Australia, and Indonesia.

In this hour interview (which is broken into four 15 minute segments) you will learn about the eight steps necessary to help you get the right mindset and clarity to landing an animal career. Click this link to listen to the free replay of Sail into Your Dreams with Karen Mehringer for a limited time.

Diana L Guerrero is an animal career specialist and has extensive experience in many areas of the animal world. A well known animal expert, she has worked professionally with animals for over thirty years. Guerrero is the author of several books and the host of the syndicated, Ark Animal Answers.

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