Oiled Wildlife Response Workshop

I recently received this notice which fits in with anyone interested in wildlife rehabilitation or a career with birds. The deadline to enroll is September 15, 2007. If you are interested in attending the American Association of Zoo Keepers you can explore a couple of career options in one trip!

Oiled Wildlife Response Workshop

Moody Gardens is proud to be hosting an Oiled Wildlife Response Workshop
October 5th and 6th 2007 in Galveston, TX. The workshop, taught by Wildlife
Rehab and Education Wildlife Center in conjunction with Texas General Land
Office, will include speakers from the U.S. Coast Guard, veterinarians, and
experts from the response field. This hands-on workshop will combine both
classroom lectures and laboratory exercises to encompass all aspects of an
oiled wildlife emergency response.

In conjunction with the American Association of Zookeepers National
Conference being held at Moody Gardens September 30 thru October 4, a
24-hour Hazardous Response training option is available and recommended due
to predicted changes in government regulations. Workshops such as Animal
Handling and Restraint and Zoo/Aquarium Safety as well as 4 additional hours
of appropriate training will be offered. This along with the 16 hours of
oiled wildlife training will allow the candidate to be eligible to receive a
24-hour OSHA certification. The training required for the 24 hour course
will begin with an evening 2 hour workshop on October 3rd , continuing with
4 hours of training on the 4th, 10 hours on the 5th and 8 hours on the 6th.
All must be attended for certification.

Cost for the class is as follows: 24-hour OSHA certification class –
$150.00 alone or $75.00 in addition to conference attendance. Fees include
all materials and breakfast and lunch on the 4th and 5th and dinner on the
4th. Hotel costs are $135.00/night at the Moody Gardens Hotel. For the 16
hour training class the cost is $75.00 (does not include OSHA

For workshop registration or information contact Diane Olsen at 409-683-4102 or
dolsen at moodygardens. Get the AAZK Conference dates and other information.

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