Flea Treatment for Pregnant Dog & Puppies

dog with puppies flea treatment Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking about whether or not flea treatment can be safely used on dogs with puppies.

The safest answer is: Do NOT use commercial flea treatment on your pet if it is nursing puppies and do NOT use flea control products on the puppies.

Most pesticides are not safe for use on puppies less than eight weeks of age and so you should avoid treating the mother while she is nursing unless your veterinarian has told you specifically to do so.

However, you can use a few strategies prior to whelping and during the time those pups are growing.

First, ask your veterinarian if and when you need to stop using topic flea treatment on your pet before she whelps.

Your vet will be able to make specific recommendations for you that will help pets stay safe and flea free.

Since you have a couple of months to prepare, begin flea treatment when you suspect your pet is pregnant or if you know you are going to breed your pet. Doing this gives you time to use topical flea treatment and other strategies without worry.

Also, if you treat the home, exterior areas, and the pet at the same time, you will have the fleas under control prior to the birth of any puppies.

It takes about eight weeks to totally get rid of fleas using the triangle of successful flea control.

Other flea control tips:

  • Non-toxic diatomaceous earth (DE) can be spread in the carpets and flooring–vacuum up after three to five days.
  • Use DE on your pet as a flea dust–just apply in a well ventilated area. (Learn more about diatomaceous earth for flea control.)
  • In addition, try parasitic nematodes in the yard. They prey on fleas at different stages of their development. Add more every three weeks.
  • Daily cleaning is a must when using any flea control methods. Dust, vacuum, and mop.
  • Try using a sheet over pet bedding and change out daily.
  • Wash pet bedding and sheets in hot water with lavender or other flea fighting oils (rosemary, thyme, cedarwood) as this will help repel fleas further.
  • Since many essential oils can be toxic to pets just use in the laundry.
  • Cedarwood chips inside pet beds and in the garden will repel fleas.
  • Flea combs work great for dogs and puppies. Comb daily to remove fleas and flea dirt.
  • Bathing a pup in mild baby shampoo or using a water dip helps–just make sure to dry the pups and prevent them from chilling.