Dog Flu Canine Influenza Tips: Ark Animal Answers 60 Second PSA Script & Audio

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Today’s Critter Chat concerns Canine Influenza or the Dog Flu

Pet owners are panicking over the recent reports about the dog flu. Mutt owners need to hold their horses and to quit spreading rumors about recent outbreaks.

-Canine influenza is a mutation of an equine flu. For years other species of animals have faced the flu but this is the first documented canine strain and the canine flu vaccine is already in the early stages of research.

-Symptoms mirror that of kennel cough. Watch for coughing, nasal discharge and fever.

Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

Use common sense:
-Don’t let your pet share water bowls or toys out in public.
-seek the services of an in home pet-sitter instead of kenneling
-and keep your pet away from sick animals.

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