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Biography of Diana L. Guerrero

Author, Speaker, and Animal Behaviorist

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Since 1978 Ark Animals Director, Diana Guerrero has worked professionally in a variety of animal facilities. The list includes zoological parks, a marine aquarium, an oceanarium, a wildlife rehabilitation center, private wild animal collections, humane societies, animal shelters, ranches, private pet owners & more.

Ms. Guerrero has attended and completed courses in animal management and training from institutions both here in the United States and Europe. She has been affiliated with and certified by educational organizations such as the Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training & Management Program, Ralph Helfer's Gentle Jungle Affection Animal Training School, The International Training Centre (ITC)at the Durrell Preservation Trust in England, and ITC program extensions with Marwell Zoological Park and Kent University.

In addition, she has received training in alternative animal therapies, animal disaster preparedness & response, and has unique training in human and personnel management from International Executive Development Corporation. She constantly strives to improve with other programming and seminars.

Diana has had some unique experiences with animals such as the "signing" chimpanzees, training creatures for the entertainment industry, live show performances, training zoo staff, training animal handlers, training animal trainers, and various management experiences with both people and animals. Yes, this woman has found her calling working with all kinds of critters and their people.

Guerrero started her career in marine mammal education working as a naturalist, and then subsequently became involved with terrestrial animals. Training both wild and exotic animals is where this woman got her start. Over ten years later, she relocated and began a business that focused on domestic animal behavior issues.

Her unique adventures with animals of all types gives her unrivaled experiences and insight and have taken her into the inner sanctum of the World Famous Zoological Society of San Diego, the internationally famous Canine Cryobank and others.

Using trust, respect, and understanding, with an intuitive gift of animal sense, she has presented her views on-line in a variety of Internet sites such as "Cyberpet," "Shelter Net," "" and in the print media of the Journal of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, the Journal of the Elephant Managers' Association, Get A Pet Magazine, International Zoo News, Bird Breeder, and other national and international publications dedicated to animal care, training and management.

In addition to being on the forefront of new trends in animal training techniques, like operant conditioning, clicker training, and Protected Contact Elephant Management, Guerrero has also used alternative therapies and has worked in conjunction with animal psychics, holistic veterinarians, pet natural nutritionists, and more.

As a Reiki practitioner and animal intuitive, Guerrero uses her intuitive gifts with this ancient art to benefit those animals in her care and for their wild counterparts.

In a nutshell, Diana has unrivaled experiences and contacts to draw from and successfully integrate for the benefit of any organization, group, or individual she works with--exotic or domestic!

Diana L Guerrero, is an animal behavior consultant and animal training coach with extensive experience in many areas of the animal world. She offers private training, coaching, and related services.


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