Southern California Fires

Once again the Southern California area is filled with smoke—and where there is smoke there is fire.

I listened to Oprah talk about her concern over the proximity of the Tea Fire and the safety of her dogs in Motecito, California.

Too bad she didn’t know about the Animal Disaster Guide I’ve been distributing at no charge to subscribers. I’d suggest you download your guide now and spread the word.

Our thoughts and prayers and with those who have lost their homes and the large numbers of people who have been evacuated.

The Animal Disaster Guide includes discussion about how to prepare for disasters (including fires), what steps to take for evacuation, and what to put in your pet’s kit. It can help prevent stress and heartache.

Find more information on the Southern California Fires here
and updates on the fire containment status here. You can get info on the Sayre Fire online, too.

Since I am revisiting disaster awareness, here are some updates on Hurricane Ike animal rescue efforts:

Although many people have put hurricane season behind them, animal welfare organizations are still on the job or in need of assistance in areas devastated by Hurricane Ike.

The American Association of Equine Practitioners is accepting donations for their Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has pledged monies for both Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Gustav that covers the distribution of food and supplies and other needs.

Habitat for Horses is accepting donations to make sure cattle have feed and hay and to repair damage during Hurricane Ike.

Livestock relief in Texas is being done through the No Fences campaign where donations purchase hay, feed, water, and fencing or corral materials.

If you want to donate hay the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Hay Hotline is still accepting donations or hay producers can call  877-429-1998 with their donations.

Pet Hurricane Victims & Pet Rescue Books

Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster is about thousands of frightened, starving animals whose owners were forced to leave without them. Interviews  many of the men and women who worked to rescue four-legged, finned, and feathered victims of Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina: Stories of Rescue, Recovery and Rebuilding in the Eye of the Storm looks at the hardships of being left with no power, no drinking water, dwindling food supplies, and steadily rising waters from major levee breaches, survivors also faced life-threatening looting and widespread fires. You’ll take a look at how people searched for loved ones and pets, and how thousands fought to survive the harshest of conditions and helped others do the same.

Ten True Animal Rescues is a book geared toward kids. Many people loved the hamster story where the tiny critter alerts his family to a fire but you’ll also find a dog rescue from ice, and a dolphin who intervenes when a shark attack seems imminent.

Animal Rescue: The Best Job There Is covers three stories of John Walsh the director of the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Includes stories of his work in the field such as rescuing dog from a building about to topple after an earthquake in Japan.  The WSPA is one of the few agencies that works doing animal disaster rescue on an international level.

Pawprints of Katrina: Pets Saved and Lessons Learned documents the work of the Best Friends animal rescue group.  The book is filled with stories of success and of loss and how people worked together to facilitate recovery for both the humans and animals.

Not Left Behind: Rescuing the Pets of New Orleans is the story of how Best Friends Animal Society as it rescued thousands of pets from the storm-ravaged, flooded streets of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This book is filled with images and the voices of five of Best Friends team of rescuers.

8 State Hurricane Kate is the story of Kate the cattle dog and her survival post-Katrina. Kate’s journey is a tale of love, courage, and compassion that is the dog’s legacy. Her life and story has sparked a rescue network that continues to help dogs across the country today.